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>> Sunday, March 22, 2009

The producer is Alex Christensen (U 96). So it's no surprise that Daisy Dee was featured on the first song Vamonos (which peaked #8 in the German Media Control charts). Vamonos and Te Quiero, Latina (less succesful, only #85 in Germany) were written by Carlos Canzini, Pedro Carrera, Francesco Martinez and Angelo Valdez.

In 1997 the team changed a bit and the songs got a new style : euro-reggae. The songs Bamboleo (#14 in Germany), La Vida Bonita (#51 in Germany), and Kalimba De Luna (#49 in Germany) were written by Giora Schein, Michael Eisele and Boris Buchhaus. The vocals were done by Rod D and Raquel Gomez.

Rod D was later replaced by a new rapper called Rob Money, while 2 vocalists called Daniela and Eve had taken the place of Raquel.

After some years of silence, Garcia released a new single in 2000 called Imagine. The vocalist Ouided Khachnaoui was the new face of the project.

2004 : the release of a remix of their big hit Bamboleo was planned, along with a new album.


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